Lan Chyi is a professional manufacturer .

For more than ten years, the team operated by Lan Chyi has been renowned in the industry for its professional, honest and enthusiastic service spirit etc,
In the talent part: 80% of the companys employees in the refrigeration industry have more than 10 years of practical experience.It can provide all kinds of services such as frozen and frozen storage, dust-free and sterile room partition board, large-scale logistics and warehousing planning and construction.

Production capacity: In addition to mass production of a full range of standardized products, tailor-made products can be tailored to meet the different needs of customers. We have develop a 12M Long one-piece frozen library board to provide customers with the best product performance and service. In the dust-free and sterile room partition plate section, Lan Chyi is actively involved in the development of a flame resistant and fire resistant series.

In order to meet the international requirements for future building materials manufacturing and indoor environmental quality, the company intends to develop eco-materials with energy-saving, low-pollution and environmental protection concepts, and “green building materials with recyclability and health and safety. This participation in the global environmental protection work, and jointly pursue and create a sustainable development of the quality of the living environment.
Service Object
Including the province's refrigeration and air conditioning projects, large-scale logistics warehousing, large-scale mushroom fungus farm, electronic biochemical technology semiconductor wafer factory, food factory, pharmaceutical factory and domestic Telecommunications、Asia Pacific Telecom、Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd…Waitingfor many telecommunications